Meeting Notes 2009-03-10

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Jasna
  • Jim
  • Jeff
  • Whitney
  • Nathan
  • Nikki
  • Paul
  • Eric M.
  • Ishmael
  • Zane
  • John
  • Sacha
  • Eli
  • Eric H.
  • Nick
  • Jessie
  • Rodrigo
  • +4 people from IIT interested (Jared, Isu(sp?),..)
  • 9 new people total.

Come to Order - 8:15

  • New people introduce themseleves
  • Old business
  • Update on Elston Space
    • Eric Talked to Steve today, should have lease agreement to review tomorrow
    • Lease will be signed by PS1 as corporation, not by individual leaders, thus insulation indiv. liability.
    • Steve talked to blacksmiths next door, they might be interested.
    • Motion to vote on lease to be posted tomorrow at next meeting passes.
  • Mailing List
    • List was locked: explanation.
      • Reporter published items off our public mailing lists that was somewhat embarassing
      • Jerry, owner of Logan Square location contacted Eric after reading information from public list.
      • Unpaid lurkers disrupting communication.
        • e.g. proposing rules when they're not even members.
      • Sensitivity of being affiliated with us to your employers.
      • Anything on public list could be published as fact in the example of Columbia Chronicle article.
    • Newly privatized mailing list users must use birth names, not aliases in order to familiarize themselves, all public ones can be aliased.
    • Zane will set up infrastructure to on PS1 domain to include mailing lists, etc.
  • Speaker from Little Black Pearl Art And Design Center.
    • Opening November 9, 2009 for pieces on display, technological or not.
      • Example would be a bar bot.
      • Items can be for sale.
      • Submissions: Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center, c/o Hidden Pearl Gallery (Heidi Hickman), 1060 East 47th Street, Chicago, IL 60653
  • Sacha to speak on Be Excellent to each other bylaw before vote.
    • Suggest seriously considering your dedication before writing a bylaw (It's a lot of work)
    • Membership agreement is essentially conduct rules.
    • Vote Results: 17 For, 1 Nay, 1 Abstain. Motion Passes.
  • Reciprocity
    • Agreement to mutual benefits for members from each party
      • Benefits such as access to others facility (We can get in to any other hacker space that is part of this program)
  • Teddy has a proposal up for facilitating voting online instead of waiting for meetings.
    • <Teddy, please post text of the proposal here.>
    • Paul wants to see an in place system that would exemplify an acceptable setup.
    • 1404 sq ft space inside a cave. Eric: It's a cave!
    • Originally a quarry of some mineral converted to office and commercial space.
    • ~20 boy scouts for soldering class already.
    • Only protruding structure is elevator shaft, all the rest is underground.
    • Might want to stretch out your liver, those guys can draaaank.
    • Thinking about setting up warzones between the two places.
  • Eric H. modded his OLPC with better keyboard!
  • NEXT WEEK: Monochrom on the 18th, meeting will be held beforehand. NEXT WEEK'S MEETING IS WEDNESDAY @ 7:00, NOT Tuesday

Meeting Adjourned - 9:05