Meeting Notes 2010-04-06

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Sacha
  • Ryan
  • Tim S.
  • Shawn
  • Eric
  • John S.
  • Sarah
  • Nikki
  • Paul
  • Jaku
  • Matthew B.
  • Nathan
  • Anne
  • Jim
  • Jordan
  • Tomer
  • Ishmael
  • Tim
  • Nat
  • Drew
  • Daniel
  • Anne
  • Adriana
  • Geoffrey

Come to Order - 8:00

  • Votes:
    • "Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye" (Tim)
      • The treasurer is hereby empowered to reimburse anyone for the purchase of safety equipment that is donated to Pumping Station: One out of the general fund. The treasurer is also empowered to buy safety equipment for Pumping Station: One directly. The sum of these reimbursements and purchases may not exceed $200 per calendar year and $50 per reimbursement incident or purchase. What constitutes "safety equipment" will be determined by the treasurer and/or the chair of the danger committee on a case by case basis. A receipt must be provided for all donations or purchases that are reimbursed or paid for under this resolution. Reimbursements will be granted at the discretion of the treasurer on a case by case basis. Whenever a reimbursement or purchase occurs, the treasurer must notify the membership via email what items were donated or purchased by whom and how much they cost.
      • 18 full members present + 6 proxies= Quarom achieved. Yay: 18+6proxy Nay: 0. PASSED!
    • "Proposal for negotiating and signing a lease extension on our current location" (Sacha)
      • The members of Pumping Station: One delegate to the Board of Directors the power to negotiate and sign, in good faith, a new lease for our current location with our current landlord.
      • Yay:18+6proxy. Nay:0. Passed.

    • "Proposal for moving forward with application for 501c3 tax exempts status" (Ishmael)
      • Pumping Station: One NFP will move forward with its application process for IRS 501c3 tax exempt status. Pumping Station: One's application will also include a submission of $850.00 which will be provided by the general fund. The bylaws will also be changed such that the board of directors and full membership members are required to adhere to the conflict of interest policy (see attachment) which will also be included in the application for 501c3 tax exempt status for Pumping Station: One.
      • Yay: 18+6 proxy. Nay: 0. PASSED!


  • Bylaws Bug Hunt (Sacha)
    • Bylaws are outdated and don't reflect our current business.
    • Update to match our current process.

  • New Geek Prom head organizer (Anne and Nathan).
    • Contribute to wiki or talk to them if you can help with performers/projects/volunteers. Will have planning meetings. Shooting for a date in June.

  • Event announcements: 300 Seconds of Fame, Pilsen neighborhood tour this Friday (Anne)
    • Next Tuesday. Need more submissions.
    • Pilsen tour this 'second friday', network with Chicago Art Dept. Join Anne at 7:30pm at 18th&Halsted.

  • Proposal for the establishment of a NOC Group responsible and accountable for the operation of the PS:One network and services (Matt)
    • Formalization of group to manage the network etc. Matt will put charter draft on wiki.

  • General meetings on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month (Sacha)

  • Notacon - PS1 attendance and speakers. (Sacha)
    • We have 4 speakers talking. Sacha-Chemistry. Nikki-Hackerspace welcomes. Christina-Financing supercomputer. Eli-Soft Circuits/Hardcore

  • Space hunt (Sacha)
    • Ask around! Location where we can do light industrial. In decent neighborhood.

  • Unusual music jam (Nikki)
    • Second Fridays at 7:00pm
  • Fundraising for swag/stickers/etc (Ryan)
    • Get some for notacon

  • FRED talk (sacha)
    • Being a quantum mechanic: next Wednesday at 8:00pm
    • Mike. Top 500 supercomputers: May 4th after the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned - 8:36