Meeting Notes 2010-04-20

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Crowdsourced Member Project: Location Hunting
  • Crowdsourced Member Project: Bylaws Bug Hunt


  • Ripple conference: April 24th (Sacha)
  • Geek Prom update? (Nate & Anne)
    • Still need people to volunteer/take on tasks (Bands/DJ, Location Find, Website, Promotion, etc)
    • General input on what you want out of geek prom this year needed.
  • Vermiculture class: May 6th - Purchase Tickets by April 27th.
  • May Day BBQ: May 1st
  • FRED talk - Everything you wanted to know about supercomputers by Dr. Sternberg: May 4th
  • Guided Tour - Creative Commons copyright by Daliah Saper: April 27th
  • Powerwheels! (Jim)