Meeting Notes 2010-07-06

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Meeting Minutes
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Come to Order - 8:04pm

  • Nominations for VP are closed.
    • Contenders are : Anne, Paul, and Jim


8 members present not voted by proxy

  • Clear Wi-Max Sponsorship

Authorize the Board of Directors to sign the i-Fi proposal with Taxi NYC on behalf of Pumping Station: One, NFP. Assign ________ (a member volunteer) to be the project leader for the i-Fi filming project.

    • YEA: XXXXXXXXXXX (10 proxy) XXXXXX (6)
    • PRESENT: XXXX (4)
    • NAY: XX (2)
    • PASSES
  • Dissolution Clause

If Pumping Station One is forced to dissolve due to unfortunate circumstances, court order, or planned dissolution, the remaining assets and funds of Pumping Station One will be dispersed to a 501(c3) organization with similar purpose, as determined by the board of directors. (This is required to file for 501c3 status.)

    • NAY: (0)
    • PASSES


  • Maker Faire Detroit
    • We have a table (thank you John Stoner)
    • Planning / Attendance
    • July 31st - August 1st
  • Meetings changed
    • Every Tuesday
    • 300SofF will still be second Tuesdays after general meeting
    • 5th Tuesdays still at 5th Tuesday


  • Next week: 300 Seconds of Fame (need presenters/performers)
  • Wednesday, July 7th: Lockpicking Meetup
  • Thursday, July 8th: Haskell Class w Robert Lee
  • Friday, July 9th: Unusual Instrument Jam
  • Assembling Adafruit order for Hackerspace discount (Drew)
    • 40% off $250 or more. Drew is official 'buyer'.
  • Get a Circuit Hacking Night going (Drew)
    • Monday nights
  • July 17th HACKATHON: Come on feel the noise
  • Pitchfork Volunteers: Reminder, Pitchfork is next weekend

Adjourned - 8:25