Meeting Notes 2010-07-13

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Meeting Minutes
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Come to Order - 8:03pm


  • QUARUM achieved
  • PR budget - $400 investment before Makerfaire Detroit

I propose that we use up to $400 of our general funds for PR purposes (shirts, buttons, banner, stickers, temp tatoos). First come first serve to reimburse people buying the supplies between now and Makerfaire.

    • YEA: 7(proxy)+9 =15
    • NAY: 0
    • PASSED


  • Our first power tool accident (Sacha)
    • Table saw is out of commission

  • Maker Faire Detroit
    • Talk to John Stoner to sign up for slots to man the booth at Makerfaire and to organize transportation of people and materials to the faire.

  • Reminder: Meetings changed!
    • Every Tuesday
    • 300SofF will still be second Tuesdays after general meeting
    • 5th Tuesdays will still be Potluck


  • PPPRS (Jim)
    • DieHard battery sponsorship
  • July 17th HACKATHON: Come on feel the noise
  • Pitchfork Volunteers: Reminder, Pitchfork is this weekend
  • Wednesday July 21st: Lockpicking @7pm
  • Thursday July 22nd: Haskell class @8pm
  • July 24th HACKATHON: Quiet Riot

Adjourned - 8:21pm