Meeting Notes 2010-07-27

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Meeting Minutes
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Come to Order - 8:00pm

  • VIMBY proposal passed via online voting
    • 15 YEA
    • Vimby has 4 other hackerspaces in the challenge.
    • Will be filmed from the opening of the secret challenge.
    • VIMBY website will have videos
    • Will put together team

  • MakerFaire Detroit
    • Tshirts/ banner etc ordered
    • Sign up for a spot to man the booth

  • Powerwheels (Jim)
    • Getting the powerwheel finished tonight to leave Wednesday
    • Volunteers check in at makerfaire booth and then see Jim


  • Tuesday July 27th Guided Tour Erin Robinson: Indie game developer - after the meeting (Tim)
  • NEW circuit hacking class each 2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 7pm starting July 28th (Drew)
  • BarCamp August 21st & 22nd. Like a hackathon with 200 people and beer (Tim)
  • Wednesday August 4th (Lockpicking)