Meeting Notes 2010-08-03

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Meeting Minutes
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Come to Order - 8:00pm

  • BioCurious conference - Sacha attended

  • Makerfaire/Power Racing Recap - Lots of people attended
    • PSOne booth needs to be closer to PPRS and have more staffers who brought projects
    • Power Racing: we caught Bri Pettis on fire
    • Power Racing was interviewed a lot, and got 5 editor's choice ribbons
    • Next year we should have kids able to ride stock cars

  • Voting proposal (Nathan)
    • Enable president to sign contracts that have no liability to PS:One


  • Circuit hacking class each 2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 7pm starting July 28th (Drew)
  • VIMBY unveiling Wednesday Aug 4th.
  • Wednesday August 4th (Lockpicking)
  • 300 Seconds of Fame next Tuesday (Anne)
  • Thursday, August 12th: Haskell class with Robert Lee
  • Friday, August 13th: Unusual Instrument Jam
  • BarCamp August 21st & 22nd. Like a hackathon with 200 people and beer (Tim)
  • Weekend of the 25th: Mitch and Jimmy are coming to teach a soldering class
  • 5th Tuesday the 31st: Potluck
  • Saturday at 7pm decompression party at Sacha's place

Adjourned - 8:21pm