Meeting Notes 2010-08-24

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Meeting Minutes
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  • VIMBY challenge update

Due tomorrow at midnight! Lots of activity

  • BarCamp recap (Tim)

Great success, thanks for coming. Tim and Sacha won BARcompany with Rugged Scents[1].

  • I-Fi update

Tamale guy's a dead end, new plan: bike messengers.

  • Theme for potluck on the 31st

Capitalist Pig Roast & Ice Cream Socialist. Talk to Anne.

  • Open Source Science Meet-up (Sacha)

Sacha's new group. At PS1 Sunday, Sept. 12th.

  • Rebranding / Reformulating the Hackathon

Hackathon is dead. Long live the Hackathon!


  • Wednesday Aug 25th: Mitch Altman and Jimmy are coming to teach a soldering class
  • Thursday Aug 26th: Haskell class with Robert Lee
  • Weekend of Aug 28th: Hackathon Quiet Riot
  • Friday Sept 3rd: Travis Goodspeed GoodFET JTAG board assembly (SMT soldering) & reverse engineering using GoodFET firmware workshop - *tentative* - I want to determine interest. Travis is in Chicago Aug-31 through Sept-4. Cost TDB, based on BOM []