Meeting Notes 2011-02-15

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 8:02

New People: Dan, heard about us through Tomer. Wants to do large, messy, and loud projects impossible in an apartment.
            Justin, ran across the space at Meetup.  Interested in solar projects, needs a place to do work away from wife.


  • Expansion announcement (new lease!)
  • Element 14 2 proposals. One is for reviewing hardware and the other is for projects that have monthly themes.
  • 501(c)3! Brought to you by The School Factory and hackers like you.
  • THOTCON we need projects!
  • Instructables lazer cutter challenge (on hold)
  • Financial Transparency. Our financials will be posted and available for viewing. Member totals, expenses, income, YTD and projections.
  • Locking the front door. Do lock up and turn off lights and heaters when you are the last out.


  • Lockpicking. Wednesday, February 16th @ 8:00pm
  • Knitting with Gretchen. Monday, February 21st @ 7:00pm
  • Circuit hacking. Wednesday, February 23rd @ 7:00pm
  • Flourish, April 1st-3rd Looking for open source workshops not sessions.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:16