Meeting Notes 2014-04-08

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 20:00


  • Intro PS1 and what we're about
  • let new members and visitors intro themselves
  • go over things that need doing around the space
  • Awesome callouts


  • Brief overview of what PS1 is (<1min).
  • Introduce the present board and area hosts.
  • New members/visitors introduce themselves.


  • Game night this Saturday. Come play some board games.
  • The birthday party is not this weekend. If you want to party, feel free, but it won't be official. Look for the announcement soon!
  • 2014 Budget Vote is officially announced. We will vote on April 15th.
  • Crypto-party 2: The provably secure boogaloo is Saturday at SSH:C at 2pm.
    • Math

Tours for Visitors

  • Someone will give official tour (make sure liability forms have been signed and that emergency contact info is filled out)


  • Quorum: 28
  • Large Format CNC Router Proposal
    • For: 32
    • Against: 4
    • Present: 8
  • Donate points to SSH:C
    • For: 34
    • Against: 1
    • Present: 6


  • Bry opens meeting and introduces board members and area hosts
  • New members - Quiz time!
    • Chris found out about us through a member - he's a programmer, professionally. Wants to do some woodworking
    • Bandit, the one armed bandit. Too many puns (Hef, I hope you're keeping track - he was, Bandit, you've got 3 left). He's visiting us from Quelab. Embedded systems, robots, machining.
  • Announcments
    • Bry dances while Jerry talks
  • Guilting! We need a custom rubber stamp. Will has graciously volunteered befored the task was fully described.
  • There's someone who wants their hackerspace passport stamped. Someone from France is here!
  • Awesome callouts!
    • Dean is, at this very moment, working on installing the DRO for our Bridgeport.
    • Someone organized the circuit bending symposium - thanks!
    • Derek failed at printing something for Ste
    • Will threw the international tabletop event thing. Thanks!
  • New folks sent out for tour.
  • Votes

Meeting end: 20:30