Meeting Notes 2014-08-19

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro PS1 and what we're about
  • let new members and visitors intro themselves
  • pick 2 random people to introduce themselves
  • go over things that need doing around the space
  • Awesome callouts


  • Brief overview of what PS1 is (<1min).
  • New members/visitors introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the board and area hosts.


  • The international Manufacturing Technology show is in Chicago Sep 8-13 at McCormick Place. Very large trade expo - exhibit tickets $25
  • Two votes coming up - Vote to Sponsor NYC World Makerfaire Noisemakers Vote to Get Cleaning Service
    • If you want to go to World Maker Faire - get in touch with Jenny for details. Sep 20-21 in NYC.
  • This Friday at 7:30 is movie night. Revolution OS - the history of the open source movement. BYOB.
  • Jesse teaches a series of electronics workshops for women at PS1. There is a workshop this Sunday that is an introduction to Arduino. She has one seat left - sign up on Meetup. Talk to Jesse for details.
  • Jesse has been working on a project to knit circuit boards - she's submitted her project to the HaD prize project.
  • This Saturday is another meeting of Makers in Education Summit. Around 8pm.
    • Arturo is way too soft spoken - there's a lot of detail I missed here. Get in touch with him for details.
  • Writer Zen Garden prompt group is Saturday from 6pm-8pm.
  • This Thursday at 7pm will be a meeting of SIGBOT. Come talk about robots or build some robots or whatever.
  • Tomorrow at 7pm is bike night. Come talk about bikes or work on bikes or whatever.
  • Tonight after the meeting is Powerpoint Karaoke. Come talk about presentations you've never seen before or whatever.
  • There's a robot safety conference coming up in 4-5 weeks in Madison.
  • This Thursday is Adler after dark. It's David Bowie themed. Get your tickets. Dress as David Bowie.
  • Completely random. If anyone knows anything about labview there's a meeting about it. for more information. Chicago Labview Usergroup.
  • Open Shop Night at Make Chicago - it's an opportunity for folks to see the shop and hang out. It's the second Friday of the month 5-10pm. There will be a drop in workshop where peole can make boxes from scratch. All ages. Live woodturning demonstration. Someone's going to play punk rock on a cello. No charge to hang out. Donations accepted. Beer and pizza! There were some flyers but if you're reading these notes you're probably too late, sucker.



  • Everett starts meeting at 20:02
  • Welcomes everyone, talks briefly about what a hackerspace is.
    • Carl complains about noise.
      • Get off my lawn.
  • Everett has new folks introduce themselves.
    • Kat is here for her second meeting. Joe at Sector67 told her about us. She just moved here from Madison. She does textiles.
    • Marta just graduated and wanted a place to make things like she did in college. She googled.
    • John heard about us online. He's an architect who likes to build furniture.
    • Frank saw us online. His background is in art and design. He's been an electrical contractor for ~20 years. He's interested in designing LED lighting.
    • Dr Harvey is an inventor and CEO of a startup company. They are looking to hopefully find some people who are interested in metallurgy and casting.
    • Brian heard about us through the lab at Harold Washington. Laser cutting, woodworking, 3d printing.
    • Jenna is from Toronto. She came with Jesse, has no plans. Going around the world.
    • Jesse has the same story.
    • Ushma (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) is interested in metalwork (welding, smithing). She googled.
    • Trigby read about us in MAKE. He joined.
    • Sonya saw us on meetup. She makes sculptures and furniture from found objects.
    • (Justin thinks he's in an AA meeting)
    • Tyler has been a member for a while, but he's not around a lot.
    • Mark makes games, 3d artwork. Wants to work on costuming.
    • Amanda sews for reenactments, she sings. Calligraphy. Woodworking, other drafting. Assorted papercrafts.
    • Joseph has known about ps1 for a very long time. This is his first visit. He is a professional furniture designer and fabricator. The founder and director of Make Chicago - a makerspace in Pilsen. He's just here to say hi and connect with our community.
    • Leon found out about us years ago. Finally got off his ass and came up here (hooray!). He works at an engineering firm right down the street, doing automation and factory machinery. Interested in metalworking, woodworking and electronics.
    • RH Malen is here to see what we're doing. A group in Hyde park is interested in starting a similar deal.
  • Announcements
  • Awesome callouts
    • Donald spent a boatload of time on the Makerbot. But he hasn't touched it in a week, so don't congratulate him.
    • Sheila and Carl make videos and run
    • Greg wants to thank anyone who has voted or will vote for the hackaday prize projects
  • Everett's going to yell at Steve to give a tour. Meeting ends at 20:33.