Meeting Notes 2014-09-30

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro PS1 and what we're about
  • Tell Triano to shut up.
  • let new members and visitors intro themselves
  • pick 2 random people to introduce themselves
  • go over things that need doing around the space
  • Awesome callouts
  • Announcements


  • Brief overview of what PS1 is (<1min).
  • New members/visitors introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the board and area hosts.


  • Today's the deadline for the design contest. If you haven't submitted yet, please send it in before midnight tonight!
  • Saturday is Writer's Zen Garden. 6pm-8pm, come out for all kinds of fun writing prompts.
  • Tomorrow is bike night! Come work on bikes.
  • TOOOL is tomorrow evening.
  • Saturday is Camp Shopbot. They're going to be dominating the Electronics lab and the Lounge. Heads up! If you haven't registered beforehand, do not try to attend this event.
  • Dave missed the TOOOL announcment ealier and wants to remind everyone about it. Drink beers, shoot the shit about locks.
  • October 18 is Loctoberfest! BYOB - Lightning talks, competitions, prizes and brats! Starting 3pm and running till 8-9pm. It will be a good time.
  • 8:30 tonight in the electronics lab, they're watching Sharknado and eating food. Hurry up!



  • Everett opens the meeting at 20:00. He talks a little about what PS1 is and et cetera et cetera.
  • Anthony finds this very amusing.
  • New folks introduce themselves
    • Joe found out about us from her (couldn't tell you who.) He's never hacked anything in his life!
    • Regina found out about us from her friend Carl. SHe's been here before. She likes to make things, she's an artist. Sculpture with things like cat hair and things she found in the street? She has a cat ball that's about this big. She also corchets.
    • Someone whose name I did not catch found out about us online. He's into woodworking and wants to explore that hobby somewhere.
    • Rob is a librarian at CPL. He works in the maker lab and wants to up his game. 3d printing, laser cutting, silkscreening, textiles.
    • Joe is the guy who's sad about our Tardis. He's an auto mechanic gone construction. He's working on building a life size Dalek. He's ashamed of the state of our Tardis. (We painted it once!)
      • Colin is shocked at the state of the Tardis.
    • Eli heard about us from Will. He likes to take things apart, tinker, etc.
    • Anthony's phone interrupts everything. Thanks, Anthony.
    • Eric heard about us from 3D Printer Experience. He likes to tinker.
    • Brian heard about us through Meetup. Looking to see what people do here. Maybe interested in microcontrollers.
    • Shiraz heard about us a long time ago and stopped by - ran out of time and got busy. He's back and is amazed by our growth. Into microcontrollers and lighting kind of stuff.
    • Marcus likes to do 3d printing. He knows Sacha. He's dubious of this introduction thing.
  • Everett introduces board members and area hosts.
  • Announcements
  • Awesome Callouts
    • Jason swept the shop at least twice!
    • Jason helped someone out in the shop!
    • Casey's back!
  • Meeting's over at 20:15