Meeting Notes 2014-12-02

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro PS1 and what we're about
  • Tell Triano to shut up.
  • let new members and visitors intro themselves
  • pick 2 random people to introduce themselves
  • go over things that need doing around the space
  • Awesome callouts
  • Announcements


  • Brief overview of what PS1 is (<1min).
  • New members/visitors introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the board and area hosts.


  • Tomorrow, in the evening, around 7 or so, a bunch of people come here and hang out. They work on their computers and maybe ask each other questions about Python, which is a computer language. It happens every other Wednesday, one of which is tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow is our monthly meeting of TOOOL
  • RFID is starting to work. Talk to Derek (or check RFID) about how to get it to work.
  • Next week is the Hour of Code ( - check it out.
    • Ryan says that LOGO now incorporates popular Disney characters.
    • Tom is a downer.
    • The city of Chicago recently made CS a core requirement for graduation.
  • Steve's going to give a tour of the space shortly.



  • Meeting begins at 20:09
  • Everett speaks briefly about PS:1.
  • New folks introduce themselves
    • Jason likes to work on bicycles, electric motors, LEDs. He heard about us from his friend, John.
    • Sean likes to work with machining stuff (CNC, CAD/CAM). He heard about us from Jason, above.
    • John knows a few of our members. He also found our Meetup group. He does metalworking, a little bit of machining. He likes to also work with wood.
    • Sam found out about PS:1 from a friend who joined recently. He's into working with wood and metal, and is looking forward to learning other stuff.
    • Maria heard about us from a friend of a friend who thinks she needs a workshop and community. She's mostly interested in the laser and other CNC machines.
  • Everett introduces himself and other board members, as well as some area hosts.
  • Things to do around the space:
    • Mop the entryway!
    • Triano wants someone to seal up the holes around the fire door in the back of the shop. There are some cinderblocks that have been removed, and air's flowing straight through.
  • Awesome callouts
    • Jason keeps throwing time at the laser!
    • Anthony took some serious action and deleted the entire laser computer!
    • Doorman Dave (Micro-loans) fixed the internet on thanksgiving! Thanks Dave!
      • Triano was here on Thanksgiving.
  • Announcements
  • Dean walks in.
  • Everett ends the meeting at 20:21