Meeting Notes 2014-12-16

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro PS1 and what we're about
  • Derek runs the members meeting, DoormanDave is responsible for notes.
  • PS1 mission: We build stuff and make stuff.
  • Please introduce yourself and say your name, how you found out about us and what you like to make:


  • Garrett found out about us through new member Jake, They like to tinker with wood, make long boards, automobile tinkering. Excited about the woodshop.
  • Zach found out about us from new roomate Steve. They are working on some woodwork including garden bench
  • Daniel found out about us from Meetup and likes to build pcs
  • Mario found out about us long ago from friends, works as a navy nuke in the engine room, now works in finance, into woodworking and pressure systems
  • Sam Has been a member 3 times and is actually here this time! Likes robotics and woodworking

Two Random old members :

  • Ian - Member about over a year, likes to work on arduinos and build beehives.
  • Thomas - Working on packaging designs for another PS1 member. Also likes hacking on furniture and car parts


  • Arturo is looking for help to mount the door in the kitchen.
  • Sevin - Is looking for who put the mitre saw in the tool cage
  • Arturo #2 PS:Yum tea social sun dec 21st 4pm - 6:30 in arts and crafts
  • Doorman Dave: Parenting group - if you have kids and interest in starting a parenting group of makers and hackers, talk to Erica or Dave.
  • Justin: Sigbot - Crappy robot contest next month! Build crappy robots, have them sumo wrestle, cue youtube video. We have crap here to build crappy robots, you can also bring your own crap.
  • Jesse - #1 We have garment designer, CAD like software for designing garments, if you would like an introduction to this software, talk to her after the meeting.
  • Jesse - #2 We scored new Passap Pinky Duomatic knitting machines if we want one! It needs some cleaning, so watch the list for more info
  • Jesse - #3 Women Electronics Workshop - Jan 17th sat 2-5 - Details on meetup.

Awesome Callouts

  • Jenny - working on budget receipts
  • Tom and Justin for their work on preparing the 2015 budget.
  • Sevin - fingerboards for a uke.
  • Triano - for hard work in the woodshop, despite rage
  • Hef - for work on the
  • Lucas - for making a huge mess of the whole shop, then cleaning it all up!


  • N/A

And that concludes our meeting, except for board member introductions! Board introductions conclude our meeting.