Meeting Notes 2014-12-23

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro PS1 and what we're about
  • Tell Triano to shut up.
  • let new members and visitors intro themselves
  • pick 2 random people to introduce themselves
  • go over things that need doing around the space
  • Awesome callouts
  • Announcements


  • Brief overview of what PS1 is (<1min).
  • New members/visitors introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the board and area hosts.


  • 2015 Budget Plan B Vote announced, 12-30-2014




Lots of folks out, small turnout, Hef leads the meeting, minutes by Doorman Dave.


New members:

Mike - has a lot of ambition, but also toddlers! More ambition than time. Found out about us online.

Chris - was here a couple of months ago, finally followed through and became a member, is looking forward to working in the wood shop. Found out about us googling around for hackerspaces.

Announcments -

Plan B Vote for 2015 budget announced, this is a backup/failover budget in case the "real budget" is not finished by the end of the month. This is primarily just a rehash of last years budget, vote to happen on 30th.

Ray was nominated for PR director.

Tom was nominated for Treasurer, but this was not posted to the list.

Awesome callouts for all the folks working on 2015 budgets. Tom, Jenny, Justin, Hef , and all the area hosts who have submitted their budgets.