Meeting Notes 2016-02-09

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro to PS1 and what we're about.
  • Let new members and visitors intro themselves.
  • Pick 2 random people to introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the Board and Area Hosts
  • Go over things that need doing around the space.
  • Awesome call outs
  • Tell me about What You Hack
  • Announcements
  • Questions
  • Votes
  • Tour

For extended discussions, we may take stack and borrow from MIBS Rules#Meeting Procedures.


Intro to PS1



New People

New People (name - where did you hear about us - what do you make/hack)

  • Peter | Googled "Chicago Hackerspaces | Likes to knit
  • Christine | Learned through Ryan | was cutting acrylic in Vegas
  • Ryan | Helped start hackerspace in Las Vegas - "The Syn Shop" | old member of PS1| does electronics, software, hardware, product design
  • Rolf | from Germany, working here | need a space to realize projects |
  • Rohaja | also from Germany | dreaming about furniture projects
  • Zach | dayjob in software, like to do woodworking | did some open shop at REbuilding Exchange, they suggested us
  • Jacob | Will referred him | working on a floor that repels snow

Two Random Members

  • Z
    • Working on vending machine
    • Learned about PS1 from Andy, came to grand opening in 2009
  • Aushra
    • Works on metals, used knitting machines. Would like to incorporate electronics with both of those projects.
    • Nate Moneyfeld introduced her to PS1 at a soft computing workshop

Board and Area Hosts

  • Justin - President
  • Jennie P. - Vice-president ("The Vulture")
  • Lyn - Director At Purple
  • Simon - Secretary
  • Anna - Electronics Area Host
  • Dean - Machine Shop
  • Shay - Tool Cage
  • Shellie - Arts & Crafts & Digital Media

Things that need doing around the space

  • Dust collector filter needs to be removed and cleaned out
    • Reminder to empty the dust collector bins too
  • Sidewalk needs to keep getting shoveled this week

Awesome Callouts

  • Thanks to the mystery sidewalk shoveler!

What have you been hacking

  • Ryan is building a Star Trek replicator
  • Anthony is using a spare cell phone to track his car
  • Lyn made a new cellphone cover
  • Simon refactored some ugly python code


  • 300 Seconds of fame is tonight
  • Tonight is analog game night - board games in the lounge!
  • Anti-valentine's day event 11-1pm here
  • Chocolate event on Friday run by Shelly
    • RSVP on Meetup please
  • Grownup Science Fair - Wednesday, April 20
    • at the Northern Island Field House
    • [[1]]]




Who wants to give a tour?

Thanks to Shellie for giving the tour!