Meeting Notes 2017-03-21

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro to PS1 and what we're about.
  • Let new members and visitors intro themselves.
  • Pick 2 random people to introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the Board and Area Hosts
  • Go over things that need doing around the space.
  • Awesome call outs
  • Tell me about What You Hack
  • Announcements
  • Questions
  • Votes
  • Tour

For extended discussions, we may take stack and borrow from MIBS Rules#Meeting Procedures.


Intro to PS1



Board and Area Hosts

  • Brian - Treasurer - puts lights onto thing
  • Jennie - Vice President - woodworking, cars, admiration of Shellie's art tools
  • Ed - Director at Large #2 or #1 - Electronics and metals and Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi
  • Simon - Secretary - cameras, microcontrollers
  • Carl - Director at Large - cuts and pastes paypal information into database and videotapes
  • Jonathan - Works on computers and also makes stupid things
  • Ron - Hot Metals Area Host - in charge of welders, forge, fire, danger,
  • Aushra - Small (nonferrous) Metals Area Host - smaller dangerous, flammable, no sparks
  • Shellie - Arts and Crafts Area Host - a big mush of arts and crafts digital sewing paint etc etc etc etc
  • Anna - Electronics Area Host - electronics electronics electronics
  • Erik - General Area Host - everything that isn't in anybody else's area is his domain, mostly lightbulbs and toilet paper (but also doors and network cables and infrastructure and and and)

New People

  • Dan - software and electronics, learning how to make wood into shapes (like a baby hand ringing a reception bell)
  • Alex - tig welding, raspberry pi's, fusion 360
  • Yuna - digital fabrication & metal
  • Brittany - wood metal light
  • Claire - make things, gardening, electronics
  • Ashley - graphic designer, woodworking, 3d printing
  • Elizabeth - arduino & battle bots (not necessarily in that order)
  • Alex - battle bots & arduino (not necessarily in that order)
  • Molly - leather jewelry & propane flame effects
  • Zespi - machines & prop building
  • Peter - fabrication, prop building, general welding
  • Jeremy - shopbot, vinyl cutter


  • Brian is working on linked public art with Montreal Maker Space. Touching hands via touch screens across time and space. Contact if you're interested or have ideas.
  • Miller Plasma Cutter is up and running, anybody who was authorized on hypertherm can use the machine if you want to read the manual or Ron or Daron can give quick refresher


  • Arts and Crafts Office Hours are Friday this week, not Thursday
  • CAJOO - come play music - 7 pm Wednesday - where? you'll hear us
  • Python(ish) office hours - Wednesday at 7 pm - come talk code
  • Maker Faire Planning - mini-maker faires! Come talk noisemakers and help PS:One represent.
  • Analog Game Night is Saturday evening, hosted by Will "All Games All The Time" McShane
  • Zen Woodwork Group - hand tool woodworking - Monday at 6:30 pm
    • Recently made mallets and shaker boxes
  • Power Racing Office Hours - Monday, March 27
  • NERP - Monday, 7pm Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi - microcontrollers and beyond. WAY BEYOND.
  • Sailing Class - Tuesday at 6:30 pm - March 28 - Wind & sails & how to go the place you want to go.

Things that need doing around the space

  • Lockers that need to move in small metals are going to move after the meeting - come help! Now-ish!
  • Dubi is going to talk to folks about laserable plastic stacks - turns out they're still there.

What have you been hacking

  • Dubi is building structures out of CD's and lasercut plywood connectors
  • Will made juggling clubs out of soda bottles and dowels and tennis balls and tape and furniture caps and they make a super satisfying noise
  • Carl - GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODE - if someone is or knows a college student to hack on HDMI capture for recording conferences - contact Carl
  • Brian Tiny fighting robot - version one
  • Jennie has been giving away kittens

Awesome Callouts

  • Burton for awesome laser authorizations
  • Tom got Argon cylinder from Wisco
  • Shellie just donated awesome jewelry books to small metals and boxes to Will
  • Dubi rehung the poster that fell


  • When will the Boss laser be up and running?
    • Planning authorization process, hopefully in the next few weeks
    • It has not created a fire for at least 30 hours.
  • Does anybody here work with Asterix or OpenWRT? Has anybody done a pip install on cloudnine? - talk to Dubi!
  • First authorization for the cnc plasma cutter?
    • Still in process
    • New controller board, Tom has been putting it back together
    • This isn't the plasma cutter that Ron announced earlier in the meeting


Who wants to give a tour?

  • Ron does!