Meeting Notes 2017-05-02

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro to PS1 and what we're about. (2 mins MAX)
  • Tour leaves (new people)
  • Update from the BoD about what's going
  • Update from area hosts about what's going on
  • 8:15pm SHARP Voting time, if a vote is taking place
  • Tour returns post voting
  • Introduce the Board and Area Hosts
  • Other announcements
    • Things that need doing around the space.
    • Awesome call outs
    • Events
  • Let new members and visitors intro themselves, what are they interested in?
  • Questions
  • What are you working on?

For extended discussions, we may take stack and borrow from MIBS Rules#Meeting Procedures.


Intro to PS1


Board and Area Hosts

  • Board: Andrew, Simon, Ed, Ray, Carl, Jennie
  • Area Hosts: Matt - CNC | Anna - Electronics | Erik - General | Ron - Hot Metals | Shelly - honorary Kitchen Area Host

New People

New People (name - where did you hear about us - what do you make/hack)

  • Joe - 3D prototyping - heard about us from Harold Washington Library
  • Nathan - ID checks
  • Garang - woodworking
  • Marianna & Theater
  • Alan - tinkering
  • Alexa - laser cutter & embroidery machine
  • Matt - making things
  • Knife-forging

What do you make or hack?

  • Ron wrote a post-processor for vcarve for his sharpie-bit-holder for the ShopBot and drew a little hippo
  • Shelly has a proof of her dragon coloring book
  • Andrew made a portable Super Nintendo in a controller
  • Will learned leather stitching
  • Brian built a 60 pound amp
  • Shelly modified her Japanese toys
  • Made sweet card-holding boxes
    • Also the space is awesome.

Things that need doing around the space

  • Keep your food wrapped up in the kitchen! The ants are back.
  • Clean dishes
  • Keep putting things away
  • Andrew is waiting on glass

Awesome Callouts

  • Jennie for submitting insurance
  • Andrew and Ray for giving Simon a pep talk about getting paid
  • Andrew started organizing sockets
  • Bridgeport work!


  • Andrew is working on PS1 software infrastructure with Brian after the meeting - come join!
  • Andrew got the Instagram and Twitter running - tag @pumpingstation1 in either places


  • What is the danger committee?
    • The people who know about new machines who figure out how to get a machine set up and safe and preparing authorizations.


Vote to buy a MIG welder passes.


Who wants to give a tour?