Meeting Notes 2017-05-16

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Meeting Minutes
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Andrew opened with a description of the process of trying out meeting formats.

Area hosts reported back on their areas. Electronics

  • 240 Variac has been removed because it was broken.
  • There is some interest in pick and place and frequency testing.
  • Q: Is there a logic analyzer?
    • A: Yes! upstairs in a basket. It has software on a USB stick that one needs to install.


Hot Metals

  • New MIG Welder - if you are authorized on any of the old MIG welders, you are certified on this one as well.
  • One of the red welders is going back to its owner
  • Ron made a heartfelt plea using... insistent language asking for people to clean up after themselves.

General Area / Erik:

  • Stocked new locks
  • Remove anything from the pallet racks If you have anything on the pallet racks in the general area, remove it.
    • Those racks are getting donated to the analytics lounge.
  • Work is being done on RFID entry.
  • Rear entry RFID is in process.
    • Gotta drill a hole in the wall.
  • Ron will help Erik with welding project

Kitchen report from Gerald & Shelly

  • Kitchen renovation plans have been updated to reflect the new locations of areas
  • Brewer's church location needs clarification.
  • A member asked the kitchen area hosts to be clear about their preferences when time comes to approve the plan.

Discussion: "There are a lot of tables in the woodshop, but they all have stuff on top of them."

  • Basketball court tables are going to stay. THey are not yet secured to the legs
    • TODO: Secure the tabletops to the legs. Level those tables.
    • One of those tables will go to Aushra.

If you want to learn tidy space, or do tidy space - talk to an Area Host. They can deputize people to do tidy space.

  • Yellow tickets are both a request for parking permit AND a request for a parking ticket.
  • Where are the screwdrivers?
    • Screwdrivers are in a bucket.

Andrew has been reassembling tools into kits for the tool carts.

  • Todo: sort tools. ALl the sockets and wrenches are done.
  • TODO: Sort hand tools: ALlen keys keys screwdrivers

Kathryn - did the Microhebocon at Maker Faire jamming on motors with adults and lots of kids. Justin and Duby were there too!

Andrew started an Instagram account: @pumpingstation1

Ella cast bronze rings in the hot metals area (to take advantage of ventilation) $ Thanks to Aushra & Tom for helping with the vacuum extraction table.

WHat's going on upstairs?

  • <20 Slides About Pumping Station One
  • Teach the new folks about the space

If you're interested in helping with member meetings, tours, onboarding - contact Andrew.

Bike storage - what's the plan?

  • Wall that is under the water pipes where the dust collector used to be - this area is a potential storage space.
  • Could be a pulley system - use dead space.
  • Would like to have an inside storage option that doesn't require upper body strength.
  • The back door could be more convenient to ride a bike through.
  • There is a lot of dead space in the lounge - tables against the wall.