Meeting Notes 2017-05-23

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Introduction
  • New people go upstairs for an orientation and a tour
  • Discussion continues downstairs



  • Andrew shared a welcome to the group.
  • Board members and area hosts raised their hands.
  • New members went upstairs for a presentation about PS:One and a tour.

Updates and Discussion

Front Door Travails

  • Front door lock died.
  • Thanks to Erik, Andrew, Matt, Greg D., and Ron for the work replacing, and Ray for posting information on the group.
    • New keypad is in place, and RFID is in process.
    • Ron is working on transitioning people from the old RFID system to the new one.
    • How can we get our RFID tags added?
      • It's still a manual process.
    • If anybody has experience wuith RFID, talk to Ron.
      • Sam does! He'll help.

Tool Organizing

  • Casey & Andrew organized tools for tool carts. Those are mostly organized now.
  • Paul Clay made a caddy for tools in the woodshop.
  • These people are awesome.

Tidy Space

  • Andrew will be proposing a vote for a rewritten Tidy Space.
  • If you're interested in being a tidyspace deputy, contact an Area Host.

Electronics Office Hours

  • We don't have an electronics office hours anymore.
    • Let's have one!
    • Anna supports anybody hosting an electronics office hour - they can get member points for doing so.
  • How might we get a critical mass of people to hang out, solder, and work on projects?
    • Maybe ask Andrew Sowa to host?
    • Formalize a project for each event?
    • Have kits available for purchase, anybody who shows up could buy a kit and solder.
    • Aushra is signed up for an EdX course on electronics - maybe she could play the videos and folks could do the projects at electronics office hours.
      • Aushra will do this at the next office hours (that isn't Memorial Day) - June 12

Classes and interest groups

Solar Panel Class Request
  • Ella is interested in a solar panel class. Anybody want to teach it?
Video Game (creation of) interest group
  • Video game interest group is meeting on Sundays
Forge (& swords?
  • Sam wants someone to teach him to use the forge. Is anybody else interested in teaching or learning?
    • This will likely involve swords. Maybe Ron will teach.
Bitcoin Group
  • How's the bitcoin group going?
    • It's not hosted by PS:One, they use our space (though we're welcome to attend)
    • Talk to Ray for more info or check the calendar and show up.
  • Making composite parts (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) is cool.
Tool Tuneup Thursday
  • Tool Tuneup Thursday: this Thursday, we'll work on the SawStop. Come join!
    • Last few Thursdays have been full of cool tools

What if I see someone doing something unsafe at PS:One?

  • Say something, politely.
    • "Hey, do you need a hand?" "Can I show another way to do that?" - even "I learned a different way to do that. Can you tell me about that approach?" might open up the conversation.
  • What if someone says they know what they're doing? (e.g. "I'm a professional carpenter.")
    • Try appealing to their sense of community:
      • "You may feel comfortable doing that, but consider whether it looks dangerous, or someone who is a novice might emulate you and get hurt.:"
  • Milwaukee makerspace's discussion of this topic:
    • "Hey, I am not sure that is the safest way to do that.”
  • A script / example dialogue of how to talk to somebody would be helpful.
  • A list of safety guidelines taped to the machine might help.
  • If somebody dismisses your concerns, contact the area host and let them know.
  • People frequently appreciate being shown better ways to do things.

Nonviolent Communication Discussion Group

Extension Springs

  • Come talk to Jesse! She's interested in making weak ones.

Wax casting classes begin 5/31

  • Lost wax casting class - session one:
    • How to carve wax!
  • Next Wednesday, May 31 - 7 pm
  • Taught by Ella & Aushra
    • Forthcoming classes: moldmaking, casting

Call for t-shirt designs

  • Collect designs for a poll and future designs.
  • Produce them at a summer barbecue event or somesuch