Meeting Notes 2017-06-06

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Meeting Minutes
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Clutter and stuff

  • Lots of stuff in the woodshop have been ticketed
  • Please do not leave things in the way of doors - even sliding doors.
  • Daron is going to make some signs to remind people that doors are portals, not storage.

Small Metals

  • Wax carving & casting continues this week!
  • Wednesday, 7-10 pm
  • If the meetup is full, still show up! We'll make room.

Electronics Workshop Hours

Johnson Bandsaw

  • Discussion of e-stop safety.

Drum Sander

  • Is it ready?
    • Still needs power and dust collection.
    • Talk to Eric B. to help out

Tube bending class

  • Sunday, June 18th, 12 pm-4 pm
  • Reply to google group post to join

Vinyl Cutting Class

  • Maybe sometime next week. Talk to Andrew!`

Doors Update

  • The right door has a new mechanical code lock. It's secret, but available if the other keypad goes down.
  • RFID tags work on front and back door, but loading tags into the system is a manual system.
  • Ask the right people nicely, and they might add your RFID tag.

Video Game Production Meeting

  • Come learn about Unity

PCB Milling Machine

  • Joseph got it working!

Awesome Callout

  • McTavish made some cases for cutters & bits

Table renovations

  • Andrew figured out how to improve the tables. Trusses!
  • Talk to Andrew - he'll show you how to make the truss from conduit.


  • Lockpicking! Tomorrow.