Meeting Notes 2017-06-13

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Meeting Minutes
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Anna Yu- said there was confusion about electronics office hours and who was doing what. It was recommended to resolve in Google Group

Ashra - week 3 of Lost Wax - mold making. They bought buckets of silicon, bring something to make a mold from, or do a found object.

Lyn - 300 seconds, tonight, 6/13/17 Lyn - June 28, Tav Day, too. Bring a pie and another thing to go with your pie, if you wish to bring something. Dubi- Guerilla Flotilla, July 22. Guerilla in that it evades the boating laws - come see him float his one-person boat made with 12 beach balls.

Jesse Seay - she's hanging art! Could use some volunteers to help make brackets.

Will - moving "Fresh Paint" from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor.

Sam - said the video game group went well. Next meeting, June 25, group will attempt to port simple fly-though game to Google Cardboard and/or Galaxy Gear

Joe found a computer and will give it to the guy. (sorry, not great notes on this)

Will - Board Game Night Saturday night!

The air conditioning is not perfect. They're working on it, do not dispair, nor set the temp to 61 degrees

Anna Yu knows a lot about the Form 1 and thinks it's just a resin issue. They were barely used as the resin was perceived as cost prohibitive.