Meeting Notes 2017-08-01

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Meeting Minutes
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Area Host Updates

Hot Metals

  • Propane cylinder has been replaced as of Friday
  • Ron will be out of town for the last two weeks of August. All cylinders will be filled before he leaves, and he's working on somebody who will cover gas replacement - but maybe expect

General Area

  • Bulb in fly catcher has been replaced.
  • Hot water spigot in water cool


  • Drum sander is online
  • More sandpaper is coming in. Requesting a donation for use of sandpaper, especially if you destroy a belt.

Donation boxes

  • How might we get more donations for consumables?
    • What if we added a few dollar surcharge to the membership and spread it around?
    • What if we added a list of suggested donations for items used?


  • 300 Seconds of Fame is next week!
  • We have five tuesdays this month - so we'll have a potluck at our last member meeting of the month.
  • Will's birthday is this Sunday!

Announcements & Discussion


Power racing update from Detroit

  • We were in first place for six laps!
  • Then we dropped a chain and weren't.
  • 46 cars on the track, so there was some congestion.
  • There were occasional water hazards and general deluges.
  • Placed 18th in the endurance race - even after two tire changes


  • Ron is going to bring in bookbinding equipment for all to use and will give a class on how to use it.


  • Collect dead cicadas! Aushra would like them for casting.

Maker Faire

  • In Milwaukee, the maker faire is hosted by the Milwaukee maker space and a museum.
  • Could we partner with a museum (Museum of Science and Industry?) to do something similar here?

Small metals ventilation

  • Aushra wants ventilation for the area.
  • There is a fan that came with the Boss laser that isn't in use.
  • Restaurant auction could be a source of supplies.
    • Some other wishes for things to get at auction: a second hood for the kitchen, bar gun.


  • Some discussion and interest in getting a bar gun for carbonation.
  • Erik has done the plumbing before...
  • There might be a vote written soon.