Meeting Notes 2017-10-03

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro to PS1 and what we're about. (2 mins MAX)
  • Tour leaves (new people)
  • Update from the BoD about what's going
  • Update from area hosts about what's going on
  • Other announcements, events, awesome callouts, what have you been hacking, general discussion, etc.
  • 8:15pm SHARP Voting time, if a vote is taking place


Intro to PS1

Board Updates

  • Open House Chicago is October 14 & 15
    • Volunteer! Help out just to be in the space.
    • Could have more demos and activities in the space.
  • Sunday, October 8 - Space Improvement Day - 10 am - 6 pm
    • Note change from October 7! Skilton will lead people in improvements on the 7th though.
    • Need a list of ideas of things that need improvement in the space
    • Todos:
      • Emergency lighting updates
      • Add and update firelanes
    • Ticketing will happen in advance of that day too.

Area Host Updates

Announcements, Events, Discussion

  • Power Racing Nashville Update
    • Lots of second and third place finishes.
    • Bluesmobile placed second in endurance race
  • CO2 tank is empty.
    • Leak?
  • Soda fridge
    • Will is wondering if somebody wants to take over purchasing soda and get reimbursed, or take over chez PS1.
  • Sam can't log into the blog.
    • He's not the only one.
    • Help?
  • Andrew, Andrew, and also people not named Andrew are working on machine control boxes
    • If anybody is familiar with LDAP, talk to Andrew. He could use some help.
  • Plenty of safety glasses around the space!
    • More are coming!
  • Shopbot strangeness
    • Shopbot would lose track of Y axis mid-run
    • If feed rate is too high (e.g. over 450) it will start to lose steps on the Y axis
  • Plasma cutter works with fine cut consumables
  • Liability review continues.
    • Waiver is nearly done.
    • Loaned tool policy is nearly done - expect it in the next week.
      • Lathe and other affected tools will come back online when the policy is complete.
    • Considering liability of the space and also individual member/volunteers
    • Working on alcohol policy as well
    • According to attorney and accountant, we do not need a business license because we don't sell goods.
  • RT tickets down to 25
    • Could use help creating RT queues
    • Would be nice to have the RT book by Oreilly around the space.
  • THOTCON is in March
    • Computer security conference. Tickets will sell out, so buy now if you're interested.
  • Vote will happen next week!