Meeting Notes 2018-03-06

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro to PS1 and what we're about. (2 mins MAX)
  • Tour leaves (new people)
  • Update from the BoD about what's going
  • Update from area hosts about what's going on
  • Other announcements, events, awesome callouts, what have you been hacking, general discussion, etc.
  • 8:15pm SHARP Voting time, if a vote is taking place


Intro to PS1

Board Updates

  • Adam S. talked about the Tormach training
  • Jennie P. talked about fundraising efforts, look out for posts on the google groups
  • Adam S. will be inviting the whole membership to Slack next week
  • Adam S. talked about the upcoming first issue of the newsletter
  • Sky N. has started setting up a new server
  • Sky N. applied and got some Microsoft Azure credit

Area Host Updates

  • Aushra A. wants to alert everyone to a future work day putting sheetrock and ventilation in Small Metals
  • Joe is happy announce successful laser trainings recently
  • Ron O. says the CNC plasma seems to be working again

Announcements, Events, Discussion

Abel G. pointed out the Fusion 360 meetup on Friday Sam C. pointed out the TOOOL Lockpicking on Wednesday Adam S. is making progress with Owl lumber delivery, look out for a google group post Nick wants to do a mind-hacking workshop Jennie P. is going to lead a concurrent mime-hacking and mine-hacking workshop