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Member Management procedures


The majority of this page was written before 2018, when member management procedures changed quite a bit. A comprehensive rewrite is underway. Until then, there will be a section for 2019 procedures, and the pre-2019 procedures will be maintained for reference and guidance. Most 2019 procedures will be conveyed to new administrators during familiarization training. It is expected that familiarization training will be incorporated into the Canvas LMS eventually.

Member Management Procedures

Member management at PS1 involves a combination of the Wild Apricot member management system, PayPal, Stripe, Freshdesk, with some involvement of WordPress, Slack, Discourse and other systems. Wild Apricot is the core system, PayPal is a legacy payment system, and FreshDesk is the current trouble ticket/customer service platform. Email for the domain is handled by Google, but members are not generally using domain email.

New Member

  • New members initiate their own member profile at
  • Administrators should allow the member to initiate their own membership through Wild Apricot wherever possible to ensure accuracy.


FreshDesk is the current customer service/trouble ticket replacement for RT. Email the board or a board member to apply to become a FreshDesk agent.

Wild Apricot: member management

Wild Apricot is the platform that forms the core of current PS1 member management, and has modules for ticketed events, payment processing through Stripe, and managing some WordPress web site content.

  • When a new member applies online, their application must still be approved by an admin and they must still appear in person and have their ID checked by 2 admins to be considered a member and to be provided with the door code or unaccompanied access to the space.
  • Most member management functions become self-service with Wild Apricot, including starting, stopping or changing the method of payment for dues.
  • ID checks are performed by 2 admin members, who enter their name and the date in the appropriate fields of the new member's membership profile.
  • Create a minimal ps1auth profile for the new member, which requires only their first and last name, birthday, and email address.
  • Send the new member the door code through Wild Apricot after their ID checks have been performed.