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This is a temporary page to gather all of the old links for systems/netwoking documentation into one place.

It will also act as a catch all for proposals for aspects of the network

What needs to be done

  • Add pages detailing services on all machines
  • Add a detailed topology map
  • Document the second switch
  • Add pages for firmware management
  • Add a combined reporting tool that aggregates network baseline along with status for over night scripts (like backups) and also pulls in

feeds like this

  • Technically competent user tutorial: Many PS1 members have some level of computer systems competency but not much in the way of experience. Over the course of this year one of the things that the networking committee (and interested members) should provide is a single document that details all of PS1's digital infrastructure, providing a streamlined narrative structure that will give users a high level over view of what it takes for PS1 to work. It will provide facts and also basic tutorials for some of our services, specifically editing the wiki, filing a ticket with RT, how to log on to all of the machines and which machines there are, how to get an ssh key added.

It will have the network topology, lists of the hardware and their identifiers on the net and more information as is necessary.

This can all be combined into a PDF that can be sent to new users or printed out and given to them if so desired. It should be short, but long enough to cover everything networking related to PS1. In the end it should be a full on "manual" as in, RTFM, manual. This is a medium term goal and should wait until all of the physical network is re-routed and organized, the software is also organized and a CI deployment pipeline setup(ie Ansible + jenkins + git + jenkins or whatever). Care should be taken to produce a manual that is actually usable, ie, with TOC, index, graphics, and editing. This will also allow non-technical users to contribute to a process that they might have otherwise not been able to participate in and will in the end produce an asset for the space that could significantly affect the ease with which new hackers here can get up to speed. A target of less than 60 pages should be initially sought. While this sounds like a great deal of work, much of it will be simply moving documentation from the wiki to a single document, a process which itself can be eventually automated, thus allowing the wiki to continue to serve as the fundamental documentation source.

Software Services

  • Request Tracking
  • Email
  • Wiki
  • ps1auth
  • irc
  • discourse

The respective stacks for each of these services should slowly be documented for those that aren't documented and updated for those that are.

Each of these services also should have some general monitoring setup, that goes to a place anyone with necessary admin privileges can log in and check on the general health of ps1 digital infrastructure.

Pre Proposal

List of pages already extant for systems/networking

Much of these pages need to be updated or categorized or simply deleted.