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PS: Yum Watson Edition is an event for anyone who is interested in cooking recipes that are created by IBM's artificial intelligence, Chef Watson (in beta). This page will include recipes that were generated during each event. For more information, you may request links to research articles in the discussion and I will try to get back to you.

Link for how it works generally: [ ]

This event will meet at non-recurring times every month/few months.


November 23, 2014

  1. 2 variations of Shallot Burger
    1. with Italian hot sausage, watercress, and cider vinegar: File:Shallotburgera.pdf
    2. with cognac, collard greens, and worcestershire sauce: File:Shallotburgerb.pdf
  2. Vietnamese Shallot Vegetable Salad: File:Vietnamese shallot vegetable salad.pdf
  3. Thai Pork Burrito: File:Thaiporkburrito.pdf
  4. Cardamom Ice Cream: File:Cardamomicecream.pdf

We cooked everything aside from Thai Pork Burrito. Some pictures are on PS1's blog [1].