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2019 Updates, valid since the switchover to the Wild Apricot member management system:

There have been some significant changes to passwords at PS1 in 2019.

The basis of your PS1 account is your Wild Apricot account, reached at; log in there or attempt to log in there to begin.

There is a password reset page that is current for 2019, at, for your Active Directory password.

The old site is no longer used.

If you have trouble, and can't find updated information here on the wiki that reflects all of these recent changes, then send an email to

Earlier information, some of this is general advise and still valid, though all references to ps1auth are out of date and should be ignored:

When entering your password, first be careful, take a minute and check to make sure the thing you are trying to log into is asking for a username, or an email address. Many people having trouble logging in, are using the wrong thing, having a case-sensitivity problem, or have caps lock on. Login and username issues are common, and don't necessarily mean that the password you are trying to use is wrong, or that it "didn't reset."

You may have a different email address in ps1auth vs. Wild Apricot.

You may be having a problem that is caused by a temporary problem With Active Directory. Check Google Groups to see if other people are having a similar problem. It might not be you.

There are self-service password reset functions for both ps1auth and Wild Apricot, and they almost always work, when used correctly.

Check your spam folder, if you aren't getting the password reset emails (for systems that use an email)