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PayPal was the main method used to collect membership dues until 2019.

If you are or were making membership dues payments using PayPal, you can stop them at any time, yourself, without assistance. For more information, see Quit.

Many members are still using PayPal to pay their dues, but new membership and memberships that were paused, suspended or deactivated for any reason should be restarted using the Wild Apricot member management system with payments through whatever is the current payment processor. As of February 2019, that payment processor was Stripe. Recurring payments can be enabled from your member account, by logging in at, and saving a credit or debit card. Some members may have a debit card issued to them through PayPal, which can be used with Stripe, but does not appear on PS1's PayPal statement; it is dealt with like any other credit or debit card.

If you decide to change membership levels, you must stop PayPal payments and begin making new payments with a credit or debit card, using Stripe.