Peristaltic pump controller

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Peristaltic pump controller
Owner/Loaner Ryan Pierce
Serial Number Unknown
Make/Model ?
Arrival Date November, 2012
Usability yes
Contact Ryan Pierce
Where Beer Church
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $140
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Peristaltic pump controller Ryan Pierce Area: {{{hostarea}}}


TODO: write up properly. For now, just hints:

Make sure to screw on the retainer clamp... but not too tight. It's only there to prevent the tubing from walking in the housing, which can cause it to get eaten up. Do'nt clamp it so hard it leaves marks. When you're done using the pump remove the tubing shortly thereafter, leaving it clamped can dent the tubing permanently.


List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Ryan Pierce Owner
Eric Stein Ryan Pierce
Brittany Zimmerman Ryan Pierce