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The ability to bring your pet to the space is a unique part of Pumping Station: One’s culture. However, as a pet owner and member of Pumping Station One, there are several responsibilities and expectations. Bringing your best friend to Pumping Station One is a privilege, not a right. Pet owners are expected to recognize that not all employees or visitors like pets in the space; in some cases, people with allergies cannot tolerate being in close proximity to animals. Generally, there are few laws that protect the pet owner — if your dog bites someone, you are liable. Period. A member is directly liable for the behavior of their pet and may have membership removed for any offenses.

You hereby agree to hold Pumping Station: One harmless from any costs of legal action regarding damages or injury caused by your pet.

This policy also acknowledges the rights of non-pet owners. If a pet in your work area is disturbing you, please contact the owner directly with your concern. Owners are expected to accommodate the reasonable requests of others. Please contact the Board or Area Host if you need guidance or the DRC should you like to raise an issue for their consideration. Following the common-sense policies below will allow for the continued presence of pets at Pumping Station One. Below are mandatory policies for pets and their owners:

  • Members with allergic reactions to certain animals may ask the owner to refrain from bringing the pet to work if the presence of the pet makes it difficult for the member to participate in PS:One activities.
  • Cats are not allowed in the space due to common allergic reactions.
  • Pets must be properly licensed and vaccinated and documentation is to be produces upon request.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash when inside Pumping Station One facilities and under the direct control of their owner at all times.
  • Pets should stay with their owner or designated sitter at all times and should preferably remain in their immediate work area, away from dangerous activities or equipment, and the working area of other members.
  • Pets with fleas, ticks or worms cannot be brought into the office.
  • Pets are not allowed in restrooms or eating facilities.
  • Owners have complete responsibility for feeding, watering, walking, and cleaning up after their pets.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after any “accident” that their pet may have using appropriate methods. This includes carpet sterilization if necessary.
  • If a pet has accidents inside the building, the owner may be banned from bringing their pet into the facility.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets outside of the building and are expected to keep a supply of plastic bags and implements on hand for this purpose. Droppings are to be disposed of in external garbage cans and not inside the building.
  • Any incident of aggressive behavior by a dog to another dog or human is unacceptable and the offending dog may not be brought into the space.
  • Owners must maintain adequate liability insurance against dog mishaps.
  • Loud repetitive noises or otherwise disruptive behavior which interferes with another member's ability to work is unacceptable.

Repeated violations of these policies will result in the owner permanently losing their pet-at-work and/or membership privileges. With your cooperation, we can continue to enjoy the presence of pets at Pumping Station: One.

[This policy has not been enacted by vote of the Board of Directors"]