Purchasing Standards

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Purchase Rules

The base of all of the rules regarding purchases is in the budget vote. Please read everything under the language portion. When using the pex card, only buy things for your area. If there is something outside your area that is in need of replacing or repair, contact the area host or the board. Building maintenance would be in the General and Administrative budget category. Please spend your budget. The end of the year is approaching quickly. We want y'all to spend your budgets, as it directly benefits the space. Let's say you have a budget of $3000. You would need to spend $111 a week for the rest of the year to finish it. Follow the rules, but seriously spend all of it :).

Pex card

Currently, the process is that your card is going to have around $500 on it. We try to refill it when we can. If you have any issues, please email info@ with details.

Purchases executed by the board

To request that the board purchase something for you, send the online purchase information with links to info@pumpingstationone.org. The vice president or secretary will make the purchase for you.

Purchases using personal funds

If none of the above will work, you can purchase items with your personal funds. Send the receipt to info@pumpingstationone.org. We can reimburse using check or paypal and will attempt to do this the next board meeting.


All purchases will need a receipt that is sent to info@pumpingstationone.org. Physical ones can be scanned or a photo taken. All receipts must be in the RT system no more than 60 days after purchase in order to be reimbursed. Request Tracker (rt) We needed a way to really track reimbursements. The current system is Request Tracker at https://rt.pumpingstationone.org/. You should be able to log in using your member account. We will use rt to track receipts and to request your approval for purchases made by members on your behalf. rt and info@ All email that goes to info@pumpingstationone.org creates a ticket in rt. Replying to an email generated in rt will just append your email as a comment to the ticket.


If you have any questions, complaints, or comments, do not hesitate to contact the board. We want to make being awesome as easy as possible.

Financials status

We are in the middle of balancing the spent money for 2014. We know that this should have been done all along and are working on a way to be able to do this constantly throughout the year.