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Members can always quit at any time, for any reason, without assistance and without any hard feelings. We will usually ask you why you left, to make sure we're doing everything we can to make members' experiences as good as possible. You can quit by either suspending your PayPal payments or by cancelling recurring credit/debit card payments, whichever applies to you. You don't have to ask for help, but you can, but help might not be as fast as doing it yourself. You can resume a membership, assuming you left as a member in good standing, by resuming payments using the Wild Apricot system on the Join Us page of the PS1 web site here: http://pumpingstationone.org/join/

Pausing is the same as quitting, functionally. If you just want to pause your membership, the same things have to happen and the same caveats apply.

2019 Update

The transition to the Wild Apricot member management system is complete! Logging in at https://membership.pumpingstationone.org/ will give you access to your own account, and if you are making payments through your credit or debit card, you can stop them at any time. Log in, and if you have recurring payments set up, there should be a button allowing you to stop payments. If there is no button for that on your profile, then you aren't set up for recurring payments and don't need to do anything else.

If you are still making payments through PayPal in 2020, then you can still stop those payments yourself, on your end, without any assistance from PS1. One month after your last PayPal payment is received, your membership will be inactive, as soon as the membership management team notes that in Wild Apricot. If you use PayPal, you can quit or pause PS1 membership by just stopping your recurring PayPal payments.

It can be a good idea to document your intention to quit or suspend membership, though, so it isn't wrong to send an email to help@pumpingstationone.org to make sure you put it in writing.

2018 Update

We're transitioning member management systems from ps1auth to Wild Apricot. How do you know which you're using?

  • If you are paying with a credit card, you are certainly on Wild Apricot.
  • If you are still using PayPal, it could be either one, but you still quit/pause the same way: stop your PayPal payments.

Wild Apricot member management system

In 2018, we began implementing a member management system called Wild Apricot, and began processing credit and debit card payments from new members and some old members through Stripe. It's a good system. The migration isn't complete though, and only about 250 of perhaps 600 members total (we'll have a very good idea of how many active members we actually have, after migration is complete) are being handled through Wild Apricot.

  • If your membership is handled through Wild Apricot, log into your member account at https://membership.pumpingstationone.org and hit the "suspend recurring payments" button. This button appears on any active members page who used Stripe payment with a credit or debit card, when they are logged in as themselves, at the base level and also under "payments and invoices."
  • If you don't see a "suspend recurring payments" button or "stop recurring payments" then you don't have recurring payments enabled. Your membership will lapse, age out, and be suspended/deactivated after your last paid period ends.
  • Some members will be migrated to Wild Apricot, but still pay with PayPal. For those members, they can quit by suspending PayPal payments, on their own, at any time.
  • If your membership is handled through Wild Apricot, and you make payments using a credit or debit card through Stripe, the you can change your membership level or suspend payments, on your own, self-service.


If your membership is not handled by Wild Apricot, then is is handled by our old member-developed script, called ps1auth.

  • If your member management is done by ps1auth, you can quit at any time by ending PayPal payments, which is covered below:

Quitting under ps1auth

If you want to quit, or even just to temporarily pause, your membership to Pumping Station: One, all you need to so is stop or pause your payments from PayPal. You control that, not us.

We have made a handy button for doing it though:


At the bottom of the "Join" page on the main PS1 web site, there is a button marked "Unsubscribe" that will stop your PayPal payments (assuming you log in to your PayPal account, it's not just one step.)


If you ever want to rejoin, restart, or rejoin at a different level, you should NOT resume PayPal payments, but instead follow the instructions on the Join Us page to begin making recurring credit/debit card payments. https://pumpingstationone.org/join/

Alternate URL: https://membership.pumpingstationone.org/