Quorum rule changes

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Vote recorded here: Meeting Notes 03-22-2011

Discussion thread: https://groups.google.com/group/pumping-station-one/browse_thread/thread/d604c650a5f0a1cb/7465ab4206c84447?#7465ab4206c84447

Full Members have the option at any time to become Non-Voting Members, or thereafter to re-activate as a voting Full Member, by emailing our voting account (vote@pumpingstationone.org) or notifying the Board of Directors. Non-Voting Members will not be counted when calculating whether quorum has been reached.

Full Members who have not attended a meeting or voted by proxy or in absentia for three consecutive months will automatically become Non-Voting Members until they re-activate by either voting or attending a meeting. Non-Voting Members who become Non-Voting by choice can only re-activate by emailing our voting account or by notifying the Board of Directors. As a convenience, Non-Voting Members *can* opt-in to voting for any issue without revoking their Non-Voting status. They will count toward quorum for any vote in which they participate.

Board members are not eligible to become Non-Voting Members. Records of member attendance and voting will be maintained by the Secretary.