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RDWorks, or LaserWorks, is the basic software used at PS1 for controlling the BOSS LS-3655 150w Laser Engraver . It is not currently used for controlling any other laser cutters, or any other CNC machines.


If you are having trouble opening RDWorks, do not move it to the desktop or to the base level of the C: drive, because you will move it somewhere where it won't work for any other user. The program should stay in the "program files" directory. Instead, locate the rdworks.exe executable, click that to open it, and if it does not open for you, have an admin/sysadmin open it once with their password. After the first time an admin runs it, it should open for you without assistance, afterwards. You can make shortcuts, or save it to your taskbar and start menu, as long as the original executable stays where it needs to be, in the "program files/RDWorks" directory.

Working with files

Optimizing your design files (pre-RDWorks)

Adobe Illustrator Files

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Importing Files

The easiest files to use with RDWorks are Adobe Illustrator files. From within RDWorks, from the "File" menu, select "Import" and navigate to your Illustrator file. Select "Open" and the file will be imported to the center of the RDWorks workspace.

Optimizing Your Cut in RDWorks

1. Removing duplicate lines.

  • Navigate to: 'Handle' -> 'Remove duplicate lines'

2. Navigate to: 'Handle' -> 'Cut Optimize'

Other Useful Tips

1. To see the fill in your design ("actual" results) in RDWorks, navigate to: 'Config' -> 'Graph Hatch'

Positioning your workpiece/material on the bed

The default method generally taught to noob users is to use the "Current Position" option in the RDWorks settings, in the lower right hand corner of the RDWorks inteface, and note that the position of the green dot in RDWorks corresponds to the place where the laser will begin work on the material. There are several other ways to work, but that is the right one to learn first.