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  • Andrew Camardella


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An RFID system to control door and machine access has been in various phases of discussion and development, by various people, for over 2 years. With the expansion of the space an additional 2 doors, while not entirely necessary to control, could allow for additional member access. Furthermore, with the increase in membership controlling access to machines that require authorizations could also take advantage of the member database and RFID access.

This proposal seeks to fund the purchase of an off-the-shelf RFID system to be installed on at least one, if not both, of the front and back doors (2-4 doors total). It also seeks to implement the control of one of the machine contractors / power supplies using a similar control board. The benefit of this system is that each control board stores RFID information locally and with a backup battery can still function without power or server connection, thus improving overall system reliability.

Components needed to implement a single door control are as follows:

  • 1- Door controller
  • 1- Controllable strike plate
  • 1- Power supply controller
  • 1- Power supply
  • 1- RFID reader with doorbell
  • 1- Exit button

External door knobs or handles will be added to outward swinging doors. All doors will have a doorbell that can be heard in the area of PS:One that door leads into. All doors will have an internal knob that unlocks the door without the need to activate the magnetic latch controlled by the RFID. The front door will have keypads for entry without the RFID card.

A kit for door control can be found on Amazon, and is what will be used to test the overall system. This system may be retrofitted to also provide machine control based on credentials.

Another option would be to implement a raspberry pi or beaglebone black version of what we already have with local caching. The reliability of both the current front and back doors leaves something to be desired in terms of up time.

ID cards can be made following a DIY process , but may eventually be upgraded to something like a Badgy100 ID card printer in order to issue PVC RFID cards to members with name and photo.

Member ID Policy

A policy will be created whereby all members are required to have their ID badge on their person when in the building at PS:One. Upon request from any member of Pumping Station: One a person at Pumping Station: One must present their ID badge, or provide their name for lookup on the member database.

There is no charge for the first ID card. Subsequent, replacement, or lost ID cards cost $10.


Authorize the Board of Directors to spend up to $1500 on an RFID access control system, associated accessories, and infrastructure. Create an RFID policy to be amended to our member agreement. Authorization to purchase necessary equipment expires 6 months after the vote is accepted.