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Ray Doeksen


ray@pumpingstationone.org but send your problems to info@pumpingstationone.org, not to me.

Laser Authorization

As of 7/19/2018 I'm not accommodating miscellaneous authorization requests. I may volunteer to cover a regularly scheduled authorization, but I'm withdrawing offers to schedule my time.

CNC area is much more active in 2018 than it had been in previous years, and there are quite a few more options for laser authorization. I expect that Canvas and the many new volunteer authorizers will take much of the burden of conducting laser authorizations.

Here is how I would like to conduct laser authorizations for you:

2018 and going forward: Get added to the Canvas learning management system and start the course for the laser you want to use, if one exists. If not, familiarize yourself with Canvas anyway, and drive forward with the other steps, below (or look on the Calendar, Google Groups for already-scheduled events.)

2016-2018: Figure out how to get several (2-9) other members to also agree to do the authorization session at the same time. When? That isn't so important, because I don't have a 9-5 job and my schedule is more variable than yours. Now, at that point, I can't guarantee that I can do it on your first choice of day/time but I'll try to. Once you tell me who wants to be authorized … and can give me a list of names and email addresses, I'll set up a Google Calendar event for it and invite everyone to be a 'guest' for the event.

I expect everyone that was invited to reply and confirm, and everyone that confirms to show up. If someone doesn't confirm, I won't guarantee that I'll be able to fit them in … and if they don't show up, I will expect bribes of food/beer and apologies.

My authorizations take between an hour and an hour and a half, and don't cover either the use of the rotary attachment or the use of colors to specify settings, but will cover everything you need to know to be safe and to operate the machine effectively and efficiently as a new user. Wear appropriate clothing and bring a friend if you want.

If you have already been authorized by me for the Epilog, and if you familiarize yourself with things for the Boss prior to meeting up, it might take as little as 15 minutes to do an authorization.

PS:One to-do lists

The thing about some bigger projects like some of these: they can't happen by yourself, alone, nearly as well as when other people contribute. Getting 2 or more volunteer people to align on a task for any time at all is tough.

2018 Transition

I'm preparing a job manual for the next Public Relations Director. Anyone interested in running for the job in the future is invited to help participate in the creation and maintenance of the manual and any included elements.

  • PR Director email: the core address is press@pumpingstationone.org, but there is also an email alias as pr@pumpingstationone.org. The difference is best explained elsewhere.
  • If the email password is lost, forgotten or otherwise inaccessible, the Google admin for PS1 can reset it.
  • Notes for the job can be found in PS1's Google Docs repository, accessible by board members' official email accounts.
  • PR Director is a member of the Slack channel for Nation of Makers, nationofmakers.slack.com
  • PR Director is the admin for PS1's Meetup.com account.
  • The PR Director PEX card uses the very limited 'Advertising' budget, most of which is already spent by the costs of the Meetup.com account. You need to request your PEX card from the Treasurer. It is attached to your name, not your position.

2018 Focus

  • Universal design
  • Diversity, equity and intentional inclusion
  • Transition and mentor a new PR Director
  • Automation of systems (subscription management, member profiles)
  • Member onboarding (RTFM, handouts etc.)
  • Training and training documentation (Canvas)
  • Create a system to track needs and wants (for authorizations, mostly: Canvas)
  • Member mentors
  • Nation of Makers
  • Maker Summit
  • Midwest, Illinois, Chicago Makers
  • NOMCON 2018
  • MakerFaire Chicago 2018 (if only!)
  • Mentor and build deeper member volunteer capabilities
  • Open House Chicago
  • SOFA
  • Safety
  • Turn "Orientation" into a more valuable experience, more self-study affordances, add a self-test system to make someone "Front Door Authorized."

2017 PR Focus

  • 2016 efforts largely continue
  • slide decks, notes for orientation and tours
  • RTFM: a manual for navigating the hackerspace
  • member web site, in-house software to include invoicing and subscription management
  • visitor waiver system made digital, move away from paper
  • Maker Faire Chicago, Maker Faire Town Hall
  • Community involvement (Avondale Neighborhood Association, local groups, maker neighbors and others)
  • Hackaday Unconference
  • Open House Chicago
  • Major shortcomings of systems, documentation
  • Fire Safety
  • Shop Safety
  • Subscription Management
  • Conflict Resolution

2016 PR Focus

  • member on-boarding process
  • better orientation to PS1 including logged as part of member profile
  • better member meetings
  • Nation of Makers
  • Space expansion; wider public knowledge that PS1 exists
  • Bring in 50 new members to pay for space expansion
  • Improve the image of PS1
  • Diversity of membership
  • More outreach to organizations that could have beneficial relationships with PS1 like coworking spaces, fablabs, universities and professional organizations.
  • Improved liability waiver (electronic or logged/recorded as part of member profile)
  • media attention/media kits/press releases

2015 PR Focus

Some things that I want to focus on include:

  • Helping unemployed/underemployed members find jobs.
  • Continuously getting feedback and suggestions from all members, both full members who are regularly present and starving hackers who I might never have met.
  • Improving the quality of the public face of PS:1
  • Maintaining relations with important contacts from 2014 and before, such as the Alderman.
  • Enabling and assisting members to keep posting their projects and activities on the blog and other channels.
  • Developing a comprehensive Public Relations plan for 2015 and beyond, based on studying comparable activities at other hacker spaces and other organizations.
  • Maintaining a regular and positive presence on social media and in conventional media

Some small examples of some projects that I'd like to assist with in 2015 include

  • development of the "welcome" areas; the front door/entry and the top of the stairs
  • repair/replacement of the TARDIS, a fun and worthwhile secondary symbol of the space
  • development of a press kit for the space as a whole and for notable projects and activities


PS1 wiki pages that are hard to find

Skills I would like to learn:

  • Python
  • CNC builds
  • stainless MIG and aluminum TIG welding
  • more advanced 3D modeling, especially surfacing and generative modeling like Grasshopper

Things I Do:

Industrial designer, 3D maker, Makers Digest curator.

  • 3D CAD: SolidWorks, Pro/E (Creo Elements), SketchUp
  • FDM 3D printer (Certifier/Authorizer/Trainer)
  • SLA 3D printer (Certifier/Authorizer/Trainer)
  • Laser engraver/cutter (Certifier/Authorizer/Trainer)
  • CNC ShopBot router
  • Vinyl cutter (I don't like to do authorizations for this one)
  • CNC knitting machine (I don't like to do authorizations for this one)
  • Wood and metal band saws
  • SawStop table saw
  • Porter-Cable Plate Joiner (biscuit jointer)
  • Pneumatic nail guns
  • Cutoff saw
  • Drill press
  • Cold Metals Tier 1 Authorization
  • Bridgeport mill
  • MIG welder with Argon/CO2 gas, on steel (I won't do authorizations for this one)
  • Olden Days website design
  • http://themakersnation.com/chicago/