Recurring Maintenance

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General Area

  • Put equipment labels on equipment that is missing an equipment label (make a new wiki page if necessary).
  • Move items in the Wut Zone to Limbo
  • Throw out / Recycle Limbo items.
  • Vacuum the top of the dust collections pipes
  • Empty the dust collector bins and clean the filter stack by connecting a vacuum to the cleanout port.
  • Audit member shelves.
  • Change filter in upstairs HVAC (every 30 days): HVAC#Filter.
  • Oil the pumps in the boiler room (annually): HVAC#Pumps.
  • Clean out vents for the heaters
  • Change air conditioning filters

CNC Area

  • Grease Shopbot rails
  • Clean underneath and around Shopbot
  • Remove ticketed materials from
    • under the Shopbot
    • under the Shapeoko
  • Organize vinyl

Electronics Area

  • Remove/recycle e-waste

Crafts Area

Hot Metals Area

  • Clean table with chop saw, sander, etc.
  • Sweep floor, especially by floor-standing grinder and welders
  • Clean outside of cabinets
  • Replace water in barrel
  • Ensure there are shop (blue) paper towels by the sink
  • Wash cotton welding jackets

Cold Metals Area

  • Lubricate the manual Bridgeport milling machine head.
  • Doall bandsaw- oil Reeves drive shaft (SAE 10 in oil cup under the big metal cover).
  • Grease Johnson bandsaw (2 zerks on pivot shaft).

Wood Shop Area

  • Sweep

Tool Cage Area

  • Put away tools

Kitchen Area

  • Clean refrigerator