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In case of emergency, call 911. Our address is 3519 N. Elston, Chicago, IL 60618


If there is an incident that results in serious injury or damage to equipment or infrastructure, please tell someone. Send as much detail as you can to, as well as telling a member who will pass the information on in person if at all possible.

File an incident report Report Form. This online form routes to the General Operations team, Board and appropriate Area Host(s). There are posters around the shops with a QR code for quick access.

This incident report is an airtable created by gary which sends a message to slack#triage.

Map of fire extinguishers, eye washes and first aid kits.

Ps1SafetyMap042020.jpg [[1]]

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are located:

  • General Area. To the left of the door, leading to the kitchen. (installed; 100 person kit)
  • Electronics/Arts. On the wall near the stairs. (installed; 50 person kit)
  • Lounge. On the wall under the projection screen in the lounge. (installed; 50 person kit)
  • Hot Metals. on the wall at door to the lounge (installed; 100 person kit)
  • Woodshop. north wall near Miter Saw Station (installed; 100 person kit)

some First aid kits should be mounted more permanently. Mounted with industrial velcro to the wall. Each first aid kit has a Refill Sheet. Please mark when something is half gone or all gone.

OSHA Standards for first aid kits:

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers were last serviced in 2020 at: CityWide Fire Protection Services, 2919 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago IL, 60618 - T: 773-539-7831

There are ABC fire extinguishers, 5 lbs or greater, located throughout the space, and one Halotron fire extinguisher in the network/server closet and two near the lasers in the CNC Area. There is a CO2 extinguisher in electronics at the left of the bench

  • 1. Loading dock. inside door in Cold Metals
  • 2. Small Metals.
  • 3. Kitchen, to the left of the door leading to the workshop area. Mounted on a hanger.
  • 4. General area, adjacent to the door to the kitchen. Mounted on a hanger.
  • 5. Lounge, on southeast wall near projection screen
  • 6. Electronics, CO2 extinguisher at the left of the bench
  • 7. Arts & Crafts, ABC, upstairs, at the top of the stairs, near the laser printer. Mounted on a hanger.
  • 8. Hot Metals, near the door to the lounge. Mounted and marked with a sign. near welders. Mounted and marked with a sign. near forge. Mounted and marked with a sign.
  • 9. Hot Metals, south wall near the forge. Mounted and marked with a sign.
  • 10. Wood Shop, near the fire door to Dock. sign Needs to be remounted. at hand-tools bench . Mounted and marked with a sign.
  • 11. CNC, on pillars, two Halotron type extinguishers. Mounted and marked with signs.
  • 12. Cold Metals, near the PC adjacent to the manual Bridgeport mills. mounted. marked with a sign.

All extinguishers should be hung from a hook, bracket or hanger on the wall, with the carry handle 3.5 to 5 feet from the ground with a sign mounted at or above eye level for visibility from a distance.

Eye Wash Stations

Hot Metals. There is one eye wash station in Hot Metals, adjacent to the door to the lounge.

General Area. There is one eye wash station in the General Area, adjacent to the door to the lounge.

Electronics. There is one eye wash station in Electronics, adjacent to the restroom.

Eye Wash stations should be located near to likely accident sites: they should be restocked if 50% depleted.


Looking out for each other in the shop and the labs and considering the importance of other people's safety while you, or they, work is very important. If you see someone working in an unsafe manner, advise them that you think they are being unsafe and offer advice if you can. There are not necessarily lifeguards in this pool, but you can and should act as one when you can.

Safety is not just about physical injury. For information about how to treat each other to make this a safe space, please see the Membership agreement.

Nearest hospital

Kindred Chicago Central Hospital (map)
4058 West Melrose Street
Chicago, IL 60641

Main Switchboard: (773) 736-7000
TDD/TTY: (800) 526-0857
Fax: (773) 202-4355

For admissions to Kindred Chicago Central Hospital:
Referral Hotline (Mon-Fri): (866) 4-KINDRED
Weekend Hotline: (866) 876-5102
Admissions Fax: (866) 711-6982

Safety Gear Maintenance Log

  • Feb 2020 all extinguishers inspected/ recharged at CityWide Fire by gary (in one day, took half at a time to CWF to be done, leaving signs in areas about whats happening.)
  • Feb 2020 checked all First aid kits and eye wash stations. remounted as needed.
  • Feb 2020 mapped all Fire and First aid kits

Shop Improvements

Some good points relating to safety (but info that is not yet integrated into Trello or elsewhere) were posted on this wiki page here

  • New door arrangment being considered for the front door adjacent to/inside the hot metals area may (maybe) involve building a weatherproof vestibule. Double benefits for the door at this area: making it more accessible for wheeled members and adding a big ADA-style push button for opening the door. Good for bringing in materials straight into wood or hot metals, too ... don't have to cross through the main entry and the lounge to get in there and then turn a couple of corners.
  • Considering ventilation systems and other controls for air quality.
  • MSDS sheets not on display
  • Additional cabinet for combustibles probably needed in wood and hot metals side.
  • Considering central fire/smoke/CO or other monitoring systems/alarms
  • Considering sprinkler or automatic extinguisher system for hot areas
  • Wayfinding or marking areas
  • Keeping pathways clear and free of trip hazards
  • Reflective markings on floor