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This is an installation of dudemon. Use it to state that you'll be at the space - think foursquare-ish via IRC.

What Can You Do?

You can find out who's told schedmon they're at the space! Some of these people might be detected based on their presence on the PS1 LAN.

 <+Toba> !whom
 < schedmon> rhys and toba are here now.

To be tracked by schedmon on the LAN send a private message to schedmon:

 <Toba> !addmac aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
 <schedmon> Noted.

You can also check out if schedmon can see a device on the network... for instance finding a raspberry pi's IP based on the mac address (this one is Chillmon):

 <+Toba> !scanmac b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4
 < schedmon> b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4 (Unknown)

You can say you'll be at the space for awhile....

 <+Toba> !sched 5 1:00
 < schedmon> see you for 1 hour in 5 minutes, toba

And then find out how accurate your prediction was, when you get here!

 <+Toba> !here
 < schedmon> hello toba, you're 1 minute, 16 seconds early - a 25.3% error. I guess you'll be here for 1 hour or so.

You can ask when someone will be around...

 <+Toba> !next ScribbleJ
 < schedmon> scribblej will get here in 11415525114155 years, 67 days

As you can see, Chris has been very optimistic about his lifespan and capacity for planning.