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Bylaws Entry


Official Responsibilities

The_Board#Secretary summarizes, here is a way to execute:

  1. meeting notes

Don't type directly into the wiki. it isn't good for that, you will lose a bunch of work and be sad. type into the text editor of your choice, paste into the wiki later.

Running votes

Bylaws#Voting_Process. and Bylaws#Administration. "ballot delivered" "ballot count" "ensure collection and retention" ... How that can happen is described here.

  1. something something Survey Monkey
  2. post the results to the google groups on the night of the votes.

IRS Tax filing

"The Secretary shall, in conjunction with the President, file all required reports and statements with all necessary government entities, including but not limited to the Illinois Secretary of State, the Internal Revenue Service and such other governmental agencies as applicable." - Bylaws#Secretary.