Seed Starting Station

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The Seed Starting Station

Made for plant lovers to observe and grow their own food!

Seed Starting Station
Owner/Loaner Arturo Duarte
Serial Number ?
Make/Model ?
Arrival Date ?
Usability Yes
Contact Arturo Duarte
Where West wall of the kitchen
Authorization Needed No
Hackable Yes
Estimated Value {{{value}}}
Host Area Kitchen

Seed Starting Station Arturo Duarte Area: Kitchen

Station Rules

  1. Clean up after yourself, if you see others not doing so please politely ask them to.
  2. Plants that need to be kept hydrated should not be left to drought or they will be thrown out
  3. Seeding only, we don't have the space yet to grow full blown plants
  4. Label you things!

    The labeling is there so that we know that it belongs to someone!

      Your name/ Who can we contact contact
      What it’' is / What is that, thats growing!
      Date/ When did you plant the seed.