Sherline 8 inch lathe + milling column

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Sherline 8 inch lathe + milling column
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model Sherline 4530 + 3485 + more
Arrival Date 2017
Usability yes
Contact Paul McClay / Jim Brink
Where Cold Metals across from the Shapeoko (needs metal-related landmark...)
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $1500
Host Area Cold Metals

Sherline 8 inch lathe + milling column Area: Cold Metals


Tier 1 Cold Metals Authorization required.

...and... at the moment we're still sorting it out for use at PS1.

Major Specs

While this machine has metric lead screws and handwheels, it is dimensioned in inches. It's OK, just don't try to land it on Mars.

lathe : 3.5" swing, 8" between centers, or 4.75" swing single-ended with headstock spacer; 1/4" square tooling
mill : 6.25" Z travel, 4.25" crosslide travel, 2.25" throat (3.5" with spacer); 3/8" tool holder
power : 60W DC motor with speed control
speed : 70-2800 rpm or 35-1400 rpm

larval tool page blather

Ralph Brendler very generously donated this "full Sherline clockmaking (metric) setup with all the trimmings (rotating table, change gears, milling column, and lots more)". Apparently in 2017. Time passed. Per area host Jim Brink, Paul is "danger committee of one" checking it out and trying to get it online. This is a start at documenting the tool and determining what authorization it may or may not require. Eventually the blathery parts will go away.

To do

Clues for being excellent

Wrong-length screws thru Tnuts into Tslots. Or pulling too hard on too few threads.

The main hazard to this machine at PS:1, I speculate, will be losing the little parts that the big parts need to be useful. And not knowing that they are missing because pile of random similar but different parts.

Scenario: the rotary table is on the crosslide and I want to move it to the right-angle adapter and put the right-angle on the crosslide. Besides the big right-angle, what little parts do I need to find? And what parts will come off that I need to put where they can be found by the next person that wants to take the rotary table _off_ the right-angle adapter?

So, thinking kits of parts per each accessory with durable illustrated inventory card in box/bag (if not fitted tray - but that seems a little complicated because maybe unhelpful to require assemblies in a certain configuration to fit in tray). Some items may need notes about where they might be installed if not obviously present in kit.

sufficient info to get started

By in-person auth? This wiki page? Canvas (which sounds like the correct answer but maybe a separate project)?

Expectations: Machining is not 3d printing. Manual machining is not CNC anything. More like a strategy game.

Grinding cutting tools for lathe

Where to find setup and measuring tools around PS:1. parallels, indicators, etc. That don't need a magnetic base - because I think there was a lack of iron around the Sherline (not there right now).

turn & mill simple standard parts (drilled right cylinder & 3-2-1 block?) (supply of suitable stock?)


mostly replacing a few low-dollar missing bits

  • 40260 Head Key $2.75
    • but trouble?: "NOTE: Alignment keys are custom fitted to each machine. If you have more than one component that uses an alignment key, try to keep the key with the slot it was originally fitted to."
  • 30880 Drawbolt with Washer $5.25
    • bolt is a bolt; washer is slightly special
  • 3056 10-32 T-Nuts (10 pack) $8.50
    • fit Sherline-size T-slots
    • could get 1 for $0.95, or zero, but I think having the expected number for each assembly will help with inventory
  • 3x 10-32 x 1/2 SHC
  •  ?? 4x 10-32 x 3/16 set screw ??
  •  ?? <4 10-32 x 3/8 SHC ??
  • ...and a less low-dollar 1/4" Drill Chuck with #1 Morse Arbor $53. I think this is a "missing" because we have the 1/4" chuck key and the #0 Arbor that would have come with the chuck+#1+#0 kit. This would also include a Drawbolt with Washer. If otherwise would buy (vs make) Drawbolt for $5, then chuck+arbor cost is effectively $53-5=47


Adding a few items to make the whole more beginner-friendly. Like:


Component SKU PDF Fiddlybits Note
8" Lathe with Adjustable Handwheels


4530 PDF
  • faceplate + lathe dog
  • #0 and #1 Morse dead centers
  • 3/32", 1/8" & 5/32" hexagonal keys
  • Tommy Bar
  • Head Alignment Key
  • fixed tool post assembly
  • tool post assembly missing rocker
morse #1 rusty

PDF is a 50-page book with a lot to say about the machine, machining and machining on this machine.

Lathe Deluxe Vertical Milling Column


3485 PDF Head Alignment Key Deluxe = adjustable "zero" handwheel
2.5” 3-Jaw Chuck 1041 PDF 2x Tommy Bars
Headstock Riser Block Set 1291 PDF
  • missing Head Alignment Key
  • Tool Rocker
Includes 1297 Headstock Spacer/Riser and 1288 Riser Rocker Tool Post
Clockmaker’s Gear-cutting Arbor

(7.0mm to #1 Morse taper)

2094 PDF
  • use with drawbolt? (not included)
  • missing 6 July 2020
Gear Cutters
  • missing 6 July 2020
Crosslide Accessory Plate 3017 PDF 4x (Sherline T-nut + 10/32 x 3/8" SHC screw) stiffens thin lathe crosslide for milling
Slitting Saw Holder 3065 PDF missing drawbolt+washer
  • missing 6 July 2020
Slitting Saw [which one?] 730x PDF
  • missing 6 July 2020
End Mill Holder (3/8") 3079 PDF Tommy Bar
Thread Cutting Attachment 3100 PDF
  • legion
  • gear C drive pin and small shim washer
  • 2x large shim washers
  • complete as of late 2019; some parts installed in lathe base; dis/engage action not free; really wants some way to manage many parts
  • Recommended tool: Carbide 60° Sharp Point $7.50
Mill Vise 3551 PDF 2x (Sherline T-nut + L-clamp + 10-32 x 5/8" SHC screw)
Manual Rotary Table 3700 PDF
  • Chuck Adapter (3/4"-16 thread)
  • 2x (Sherline T-nut + L-clamp + 10-32 x 5/8" SHC screw)
  • 2x (Sherline T-nut + 10-32 x 1/2" SHC screw)
    • nuts missing
  • 4x (10-32 x 3/16" set screw)
    • have 2
    • missing 2
  • Hold Down Tab + 2x (10-32 x 3/8" SHC screw)
  • See extensive instruction PDF
  • Install 4x set screws keep swarf out of worm mechanism when not mounted on right angle adapter
  • Hold Down Tab may be screwed to worm housing for horizontal use or removed for vertical use
Right Angle Attachment

(for rotary table)

3701 PDF
  • 4x (Sherline T-nut + 10-32 x 1/2" SHC screw)
    • missing one
  • 4x (10-32 x 3/8" SHC screw)
  • 10/32 x 3/8" set screw
  • 10-32 x 1" SHC screw
1/4" Drill Chuck with 2 Arbors 1072 PDF
  • Threaded #0M arbor
  • Threaded #1M arbor
  • drawbolt+washer
  • Chuck key, 1/4" drill chuck
conjectural - because have #0 arbor & 1/4in chuck key; if so, missing chuck, #1 arbor and drawbolt
more missing: one Alignment Key, some Sherline-special T-nuts missing, drawbolts, ?set screws?; only need one drawbolt+washer but have zero (bolt is a bolt but washer is special)

On Hackability

The Do Not Hack label is mostly to get you to read this.

The well-accessorized machine is an endlessly hackable kit of parts. Think LEGO®. Dumping out a box of LEGOs and beginning to build you-know-not-what-yet is all hack. Then the bricks go back in the box for another day and each brick remains the brick that it was. Unless you're that kid. Don't be that kid. Hack new parts to do new things. Especially fixtures and work holding. Hack your own lathe faceplate for $10. So, "do not hack" means don't cut up the vise but make for yourself the fixture you need. Or whatever. And please put all the pieces back in the drawer for the next you.