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Machining Aluminium On the Shopbot

The head has a nozzle to assist with clearing chips from your part, make sure this is pointed down the bit and turn it on at the valve on the front of the machine. While it is on you must make sure the filter does not fill with water and dump it all over your parts and the machine.

You should use cutting fluid (not coolant) when using carbide, if you use coolant you will thermally shock the bit and cause micro cracks to appear. WD40 works quite well as does tap magic.


You have several options, but the best way is to use tape to stick your parts to a intermediary waste board.

Machine a flat small waste board and apply tape to your stock and then stick it to the waste board, place the assembly in the vacuum bag for ~30 minutes to get good adhesion. Then remove place the assembly on the main waste board and secure it thoroughly.


Bits should be carbide center cut end mills.

Size (shank) Flutes Description Vendor Parts No RPM Depth Speed Plunge
1/4" (1/4") 2 Deep cut 2 flute aluminium specific bit McMaster 8829A21 12,000 0.01 2" per second 1" per second