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Site Redesign

2018 Status

The "Site Redesign" page is outdated and does not apply to 2018 content. In 2018, the website is primarily driven by WordPress, and information about how to post or edit is listed on the wiki page Blog

Legacy Information

  • Team
    • Julie
    • Zach (site design/php)
    • Ishmael (administrator)
    • Ryan
  • Features
    • Wiki integration
    • Membership management
    • Customer relations management
    • Membership driven blogging

Site Layout

File:PS1 Website Layout 20090827.jpg


File:PS1 Website Logo 20090826.jpg

  • Home Page: Large version in upper left corner, takes up 1/4 page (?)
  • All Other Pages: Small version in upper left corner
  • Each full leg links to a different secondary main page; mousing over a leg will cause color change and/or 3D pop-out and text.

Page Details

File:Page Detail About&Contact.jpg

File:Page Detail Events&Upcoming.jpg

File:Page Detail FRED&Calendar.jpg

File:Page Detail Past&IndEvents.jpg

File:Page Detail ClassSchedule&Descriptions.jpg