Space Planning Safety and Fitness Committee

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Created: Board Meeting Notes 2015-12-15


This committee is tasked with inspecting the new space and presenting a report to the board with recommendations regarding items which may be necessary or prudent to complete before the space is occupied. This should include items such as, safety issues, lighting, cleaning, painting, etc. Where possible estimated costs and time required should be included. This committee would concern itself only with the space as it is, not with infrastructure requirements that may arise during space planning. The committee members will be decided by the committee chair, Michael Skilton. It is suggested that the committees would have no less than 3 and not more than seven members. It is requested that the committee provide a committee report before each board meeting that can be read into the minutes. This can either be done via email which we will read during the board meeting, or it can be done in person so that our secretary can record your comments.


  • Chair: Michael Skilton
  • Members
  • Ananda Stevens
  • Ed Bennett
  • Erik Wessing
  • Ray Doeksen
  • Anna Yu
  • Adriana Garcia
  • Kenneth Burkhardt
  • Board sponsor: Justin Conroy