Space Planning for Hosted Areas Committee

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Created: Board Meeting Notes 2015-12-15



This committee is tasked with creating three versions of an initial plan for changes to the hosted areas and could include a recommendation for new area host positions. These plans should clearly delineate area host responsibility for the entire space. Where possible estimated costs and time required for necessary infrastructure changes or additions should be included. These plans would then be presented to the membership for a vote or votes. The committee members will be decided by the committee chair, Dean Anderson. It is suggested that the committees would have no less than 3 and not more than seven members. It is requested that the committee provide a committee report before each board meeting that can be read into the minutes. This can either be done via email which we will read during the board meeting, or it can be done in person so that our secretary can record your comments.


  • Chair: Dean Anderson
  • Board sponsor: Justin Conroy