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Spaceops will be a 2 part class, taught approximately monthly. Suggestions are welcome. This page is currently a project of User:Toba with help from User:SMiguez

Part 1: User - participate in the online community

  • Learn about our online places (list out wiki, blogs, mailing lists, irc, git repos,, ...?)
  • How to use our wiki
  • How to join the mailing lists
  • Use IRC
  • Get access to our blog, and write posts!
  • Find out what's going on at PS:One today, this week, or this very minute

Part 2: Admin

  • Our routing infrastructure
  • How our WiFi network works
  • Camera systems (yes, there is more than one!)
  • UNIX accounts
  • Adding wiki, blog, github accounts

Part 3: Contributor - becoming a (code?) contributor

brainstorming this section

explain where source code and etc are that implement and operate stuff around the space.

code stuff here

make sure each repo has clearly described description of what it is and what it corresponds to. have friendly readmes.

go through each repo and find/make tasks to label as bitesized.

conversational excerpts from irc

'I am curious about the networking set up at ps1. I am curious about software projects people have going at ps1. what is in active development? who would welcome new contributors? what are orphan projects that would be useful that someone could be encouraged to pick up. how does stuff work and how can I help maintain it'