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2012 Elections

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These are the members nominated for office in the 2012 elections. Nominations are currently open.
==President== *Tim Saylor
==Vice President==
*Patrick Callahan*Shawn Blaszak*Jim Burke
*Patrick Callahan*Shawn Blaszak
*Ishmael Rufus
:a proposal for vote to grant a term limit exemption to allow him to serve an extra term has passed
==Chief Technical Officer==
*Eric Stein
==Public and Press Relations Director==
*Drew Fustini <sup>*</sup>*Zlatan Klebic
*Steve Finkelman*Drew Fustini<sup>*</sup>*Zlatan Klebic<sup>*</sup>*Dan Meyer*Eric Stein
:<sup>*</sup> = nominated not yet accepted

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